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There are many exciting opportunities that are accessible through the Internet. Businesses who are getting ready for the future are looking to the Internet for advertising, marketing and growth to reach a global market place.

A Web site is the single most accessible and interactive experience in the business world. Our custom Web site designs will establish your presence on the Internet and help your company soar above the competition.
We offer custom web design, custom logo design and site hosting for your company or organization. 

The origins of your Web site begins with the consultation phase. During this process, we’ll discuss the mission and goals of your Web presence, as well as the preliminary look and feel of your site. We will assist you in the site planning and structure of the interface. 

We will consult with you through the site creation process, offering as much advice as you need to help achieve your goals. We’ll work with any marketing literature or graphics you wish to supply to brand your company and emphasize your site’s identity and offerings. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, we can help you create your own identity that will make your business professional and readily identifiable to the marketplace.
Our staff will discuss at length your goals, marketing materials and company literature. This provides us with a basic foundation upon which your site will be built. Our team of designers, programmers, editors and project managers then integrates our expertise to identify a successful strategy for your Internet presence.

Our team of copywriters and editors will customize the information content of your site. Utilizing our understanding of the Internet and its users, we’ll provide crisp, informative copy that inspires visitors to click through your hyperlinks to learn more about your company’s products and services.
Software Plus Web puts your site through rigorous testing to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Your site is tested in multiple browsers. This ensures that the integrity of your site is maintained no matter what browser or platform viewers use to access its pages. 
Your Web site is now delivered to the world. But don’t think that we stop here. Soon after your site is made public, we’ll review its statistics logs with you, examining the traffic to your site, which pages are visited most and viewed the longest, how your site is being discovered, and much more. We are available to consult with you should you have questions or wish to make updates along the way. The possibilities on the Internet are vast and varied, and we are here to do everything possible to help you and your business tap them all.


Nearly every business or profession requires some orderly system for storage and retrieval of information. Gone are the days of mental reckoning: even small, homegrown business today can profit from efficient data management systems. Certainly one of the most profitable use for a microcomputer is database management.

A database is nothing more than a set of data which is organized so that can be used for some purpose. One familiar example of a database is a telephone directory, a set of data organized so that we can easily find telephone numbers. Another familiar example is the card index system at the library. These database serve the large purpose of making the telephone and library systems useable.


Businesses and other organizations have their own kind of databases: customer files, personnel files, inventories, sales records, etc. Schools have students records, employee files, inventories, attendance reports. All these databases make it possible to operate a business or organization.
Until the computer era, all databases were stored on paper in ledgers or filing cabinets. Creating, changing, storing and retrieving data from these paper databases required actual physical manipulation. With computer databases, information is stored as magnetic domains on a disk. Since we can no longer physically touch the data using a computer, we need a way of working with it.

Our vehicle is a form of computer software a Database Management System which allows you to manipulate large amount of data much more easily than you can with paper databases.

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